Thinking out loud

Just attended GlobalHack 5. The only thing I am thinking right now is that I fucked up the whole team.

Things has been happening to me recently. I have been too confident about public speaking. I thought I was ceremony host several years ago so I don’t need to prepare it too hard to get everything running. It turned out to be, I am deadly wrong.

Here I am, in a weird state. I have been trying too hard to get in English thinkings, therefore my Chinese speaking skills dropped dramatically. I can not find the right words at the right time if it is formal. And here I am, not in English thinkings long enough, so that I also cannot find right words at the right time while speaking English either. The thing, to sum up, is that I am having trouble communicating in disregard of what language I am using. The irony really is all the crappy grammar I am using while typing this article right now.

However I was still confident enough to take the presentation work, without knowing I really should have practiced more.

I am sorry. To my teammates and all the efforts we have put into this project in the past 48 hours.

I don’t know, I think I should just leave….